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You can start changing your mindset right now! Having the right mindset creates a life you want. I love to call it GPA. Your Gratitude, Perspective and Attitude.

A thankful mind and heart will be able to give and receive. The right perspective helps you see the positive in every situation so you can learn and grow. Then you will begin to adopt the right attitude to get RESULTS!

What’s your GPA? We'll work together to increase your GPA so you can get your mind right and live your best life!

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My legs may be paralyzed, 

but my mind isn't.




What’s up! I love basketball, especially competitive games that go into overtime and end in a buzzer beater. I have hit a few in my day playing as a child and playing wheelchair basketball at Oklahoma State University.  

The center of my life is my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love God because He loved me first. He never gave up on me despite the anger I had towards Him when I became paralyzed at the tender age of fourteen years old due to bacterial spinal meningitis. My life spiraled down and I dealt with depression, passive suicide, insecurities, self hate, and eating disorders.

I've implemented key principles in my life to overcome my challenges of living with a disability and I can help you do the same.

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my everyday thinking in life was flawed...

"As a younger man my outlook and everyday thinking in my life was flawed but Ray has helped improve my mindset and has promoted a positive mindset that enables one to reach to acknowledge their full potential and to reach and achieve goals you didn’t know you had. Thank you Ray!"



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