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Tell a story: The number one goal with speaking is to connect with your audience. Telling a personal story helps the audience see who you are, helps frame the picture. Bringing the story to Life: Imagine filling out an application, the story gives context. The more descriptive, the better. For example, his temperature was 106, […]

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January 13, 2021

7 Speaking Tips To Own The Stage

Ray Grand Speaking

Facing your reality can be difficulty, I remember vividly dropping the laundry basket off my lap full of clothes while I was going to the laundry room. I was a junior in college at Oklahoma State University. Most of the clothes fell on the ground and I had to pick them up by myself. After […]

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January 2, 2021


Ray Grand

What is perspective? Perspective to me is the way you see something or someone from your point of view. For example, I am 6’1, however sitting down in the wheelchair I stand approximately at 5’2. What does this mean?  Even though my reality is at 5’2, I see myself at 6’1. Why is this important, […]

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December 30, 2020

Perspective Drives Performance

Muggsy Bogues

Most people want the cash and don’t want to move their A@$%. I was once too like this, however time after time I’ve learn the easy road of pleasure and comfort producing much pain in the end.  Consistency  When moments of productivity become a habit, consistency is born. However, it can be lost just as […]

Personal Development

December 22, 2020

Opportunity Favors Consistency

Ray Grand putting a letter in the mail

My Mountain    I vividly remember sitting in the doctors office with my mother and listening to the doctor who is a neurosurgeon. He had circle glasses, a white coat with his name embroidered in blue writing. Dr. Ripkin I believe his name was. The doctor was doing a series of tests, checking my reflex […]

Personal Development

December 12, 2020

Are you facing your MOUNTAIN?

Trust: Is when a person or thing which one relies on. Question to yourself: Can people trust you and be confident that you will deliver in one area of  your life? Example: I am a trustworthy husband because my wife trusts my leadership to lead our family to Jesus.   Integrity: Is the adherence to […]

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November 12, 2020

Do you have the TIGER in YOU?

INFLUENCER OR IMPOSTER Influence is effective when the person’s heart is in the right place, however the “right place” can be subjective. Here is a great example of influence. Dr. Martin Luther King Dr. King was a civil rights leader and world influencer. He lead by example by the way he lived his life and […]

Personal Development

September 21, 2020

Are you a influencer or imposter?

Ray Grand - Are you an influencer or imposter

Impact The right intent will lead one to grand impact. A great example of this is Dave Ramsey. His story is that he bought millions of dollars in real estate and the bank called the loans. This means “Pay us NOW”. Dave did everything in his power to pay off his debts, however he had […]

Personal Development

August 21, 2020

You are the Hero !

Be intentional about growing into the person you want to be. Most people don’t live their purpose because they think the problem is bigger than them or they can’t change it. Instead of focus on changing the circumstance, focus on changing yourself for the better or yet growing into the person they need to be. […]

Personal Development

August 12, 2020

Are you the best version of yourself?

Intent Starts in your Heart

My wife Mel and I set some fitness goals months ago for ourselves. However, like most people, we started off really well and then eventually declined in our productivity. My wife attended a networking event and meet a lady named Larese who worked at La Fitness. Mel said “Babe we need to work out and […]

Personal Development

July 17, 2020

FaceTime Fitness

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I  am a life coach and keynote speaker. I help athletes living with a disability gain Clarity, Understanding, and Execution. It's your C.U.E.

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