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My wife Mel and I set some fitness goals months ago for ourselves. However, like most people, we started off really well and then eventually declined in our productivity. My wife attended a networking event and meet a lady named Larese who worked at La Fitness. Mel said “Babe we need to work out and […]

Personal Development

July 17, 2020

FaceTime Fitness

Ray Grand, Melanie Grandoit, Rachel R. Comer

Ever since I was a child I could vividly remember watching Micheal Jordan playing for the Chicago Bulls with his tongue hanging out, draining mid-range jumpers, and driving the lane posterizing his opponents with slam dunks. His attitude was contagious because I was obsessed about going to the NBA like every other boy watching MJ […]

Personal Development

June 15, 2020

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams Blog - Photo of Ray Grand holding a basketball in his wheelchair.

I  am a life coach and keynote speaker. I help athletes living with a disability gain Clarity, Understanding, and Execution. It's your C.U.E.

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