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We're redefining the word "disability". 
Go beyond your limitations!

start, commit, never quit

Whether you are newly injured, living with a disability, or have been disabled for awhile, this show is for you. We are redefining the word "disability".

Ray Grand, author, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and disability advocate has overcome tremendous adversity with faith, perspective, perseverance, tenacity, and commitment to do everything he does with excellence. The mindset to Start, Commitment and Never Quit is something we all want. 

We all face challenges in life that can knock us down flat on our face. The question is how we respond.

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Top Episodes

Ray Grand and Melanie Latrelle Grandoit discuss courtship and how Ray’s condition affects their marriage

Ray Grand talks to Sarah MacIsaac (rest in peace) as she takes us on the journey of her story. Sarah explains how she overcomes adversity one day at a time.

Ray Grand details the importance of money, debt, building wealth and provides resources for persons with disabilities.

Ray Grand details his life experiences and why he started a podcast.

Shannon discusses her experience with living with a disability and raising the bar for persons with disability in the workforce.

Ray Grand continues the conversation about money, debt, building wealth and provides resources for persons living with a disability.

Episode 001: Overnight Success

Episode 002: Interabled Couple 

Episode 010: Sarah McIsaac and Ray Grand on a Positive Mindset

Episode 017: Have a Disability with Student Loans? (Part 1)

Episode 004: National Disability Employment Awareness Month with Shannon Maher

Episode 018: Have a Disability with Student Loans? (Part 2)

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great energy

The positive energy, honesty, and love on this show alone can help heal someone's wounds. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from the Ray Grand Show.



A. Grandoit

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