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Ray Grand is a keynote speaker, life coach, disability advocate, entrepreneur, and author of "My Legs May Be Paralyzed But My Mind Isn't".

When Ray Grand speaks, people listen. Ray has a unique gift of captivating his audiences' attention. He is a storyteller who helps his audiences see themselves in the story. In each story there is always a lesson. Audiences are inspired to reflect on their own lives and seek opportunities to become the best version of themselves despite their circumstances.

Success is a journey not a destination

Target your limited beliefs

Believe in the inner YOU

Gain a fresh perspective on how to view negative situations

Gratitude, Perspective, Attitude

Wake up with a great attitude and expect grand things to happen in your life.

You will be able to see your vision clearly so you can create the mission

Learn the principles of execution.

Gain understanding about your vision.




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New Perspective and Insight

Coping Mechanisms

Mindset Shifts

Ray teaches his audiences techniques on how to view life differently. People are inspired to approach life with new found wisdom and principles that they can apply in every area of their life.

Ray teaches people how to understand the pain they feel and find purpose in that pain. Audiences gain a fresh perspective of hope so they can handle and cope with their problems and understand how to turn their problems into opportunities.

Ray has a unique way of teaching people to think differently. He helps his audiences understand that they can start changing their mindset right now! He teaches that having the right mindset creates a life we want. Ray calls it GPA - Gratitude, Perspective and Attitude.









What Others



"Ray's testimony touched my heart so dear.  I praise God for his blessing and for Ray's  praise report for being able to change the lives of other young people that may feel like they are unable to have a second chance. God bless you Mr. Ray."

"Ray's speech was very informative, very touching. We really learned a lot from Ray today and I appreciate him. Ray, keep doing your thing. Thank you so much for touching our lives and these are things that we can actually take in our near future. Thank you so much!"

"Ray has inspired both myself and my students. Ray is amazing in his ability to see the best in an individual and bring forth light. I have witnessed countless testimonials of  students that he has helped to get out of bed every morning and do something better with their lives. His speech was inspiring and insightful. I am thankful to know him."

"It's moving how Ray talks about his struggles and he is so inspiring and so positive about everything that he says. It draws me in and I love to hear him speak. He is an awesome person. I would listen to him all day if I could. I'm thankful he came to our graduation to inspire us to do better and to put God first."

"Ray Grand's speech was phenomenal, very inspirational. Every time I hear him speak I get goosebumps because his story is so touching and yet so relatable on many levels. To hear his testimony gives me that little bit of mustard seed of faith to keep on going. I will always remember him and follow his journey because he's going to be really famous."

"Ray's speech was so inspiring. I love how he said to think of God first and to believe in yourself. His story was so funny and inspiring at the same time."


P.O. BOX 334, Grayson, GA 30017 | |
 (404) 939-4825

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